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translate rencontre to english site de rencontre sénégalais en france

Les AR translate rencontre to english rencontrer ces délais. There is pressure on the RO to meet these timelines.

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Nous voulions rencontrer des sociétés de diamants. We were looking to meet with diamond exploration companies. Nous avons pu rencontrer le président Karzaï.

We had an opportunity to meet with President Karzai. Je souhaite sincèrement rencontrer M. I would sincerely like to meet with Mr.

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J'ai envoyé un émissaire rencontrer la Résistance. I have sent an emissary to meet with the Resistance. Tout le monde aimerait te rencontrer.

"lieu de rencontre" in English

I'm sure everybody would love to meet you. Vous pouvez rencontrer un physiothérapeute sans prescription du médecin. They can meet with a physical therapist without a physician's referral. Commandant, quelle ioie de vous rencontrer enfin.

Translation of "rencontrer" in English

Major Marshall, it's so good to meet you at last. Ravie de rencontrer de vrais cow-boys. Sure is nice to meet some real cowboys.

translate rencontre to english

Impatient de rencontrer notre futur bébé fictif. I can't wait to meet our future fictitious baby. O'Connor, j'aimerais la rencontrer. Say, O'Connor, I'd like to meet her. Deadshot doit rencontrer un client potentiel ici.

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Deadshot is scheduled to meet with a potential new client here in Starling City. Ravie de vous rencontrer, Rufus.

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And I'm pleased to meet you, Rufus. Ravie de vous rencontrer Dr Santino. Nice to meet you, Dr.

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Dr Montague, ravie de vous rencontrer. Yes, Dr.

Translation of "rencontre" in English

It's a pleasure to meet you. Ravi de te rencontrer officiellement, Addison.

translate rencontre to english

Well, translate rencontre to english nice to meet you, Addison, officially. La Reine désire rencontrer le héros. The Queen wants to meet the war hero.

Rencontre (English translation)

On doit quand même les rencontrer. That doesn't mean we don't have to meet with them.

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J'aimerais le rencontrer, Smithers. I'd like to meet him, Smithers. J'avais envie de vous rencontrer.

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