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And yet, in spite of his status of Commander of the African Groove, Alpha reinvents himself album after album.

les filles qui cherche garcon

He has always steered clear of the pitfalls of formatting and tried to bring in something new to the mix. As was to be expected, his sixteenth studio album, Mystic Power, is no exception to the rule.

I wanted to innovate, amplify the whole rock aspect of our sound. I les filles qui cherche garcon to break free from the whole ethnic, tribal thing. I want to expand the reggae territory, reach out to all the fans.

Maktabat al-Maghreb

I loved his show, plus he has a great sense of humour. Site rencontres ile de france asked him to feature on my next album and he said No Les filles qui cherche garcon.

les filles qui cherche garcon cherche femme celibataire francaise

He phoned me up when he was in Germany, saying he really wanted to come over. There was a great atmosphere. I love Beenie because the music on which he toasts sounds a lot like reggae.

les filles qui cherche garcon

We all know how fond Alpha is of covering reggae or French chanson classics, and there are two prime examples on Mystic Power: Thirty years on, he has finalised this outstanding cover. It sounds more violent in French.

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The second is a cover of a monument of French chanson, which Joey Starr also previously took on: There is a treasure trove of gorgeous French songs that has yet to be tapped into. I want to give well-written songs a new lease of life by reggaefying them.

A kiss in the dark

On this acoustic number, the singer owns up to his own shortcomings: I tried, I really tried. But God decided otherwise.

Je ne sortais que pour mes dépenses quotidiennes bach nsaraf.

If they loved the Ivorian People, they would have made concessions to prevent what we ended up seeing. Sometimes, when you read the paper, you feel they got it entirely wrong.

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How many more gallons of blood do they need before they can figure it out? We started hearing about true Ivorians, those of ancient lineage, the difference les filles qui cherche garcon those born here and those who turned up here. And, as we are a very proud people, if you tell an Ivorian he is more Ivorian than his neighbour, you get a war.

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And he makes sure his actions match his words. Alpha the melodist, activist and philosopher. Quite simply the most important African reggae artist today.

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Et pourtant, malgré son statut de commandeur du groove africain, Alpha se réinvente à chaque album, évitant les pièges du formatage et amenant à chaque fois un nouvel élément à son mix.

Et bien sûr, Mystic Power, son seizième album studio, ne fait pas exception à la règle.

Femme cherche jeune garçon

Je veux agrandir la dimension du reggae, toucher tous les fans. Trente ans plus tard, il finalise cette superbe cover.

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En Français, ça sonne plus violent. Dans ce morceau acoustique, le chanteur bat sa coulpe: Mais Dieu en a décidé autrement.

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Et il met ses actes en accord avec ses paroles. Mélodiste, militant et philosophe. Tout simplement le plus important artiste africain du reggae contemporain.

Jamais, pourtant, on compte de plus en plus de célibataires. Les femmes étant les premières concernées: So what?

Olivier Cachin.

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