Fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds

fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds

Le Camp is a place for encounters, training, and vacation and one that is ideally suited for all your activities and meetings. We are located in Vaumarcus, bordering the lake between Neuchâtel and Yverdon.

Lire la suite La Chaux de Fonds: Lire la suite Biographie — Léon Perrin - fondation-leonperrin. Lire la suite La Fondation Le Corbusier — MAMO A la fin de chaque rencontre un échange nouait la gerbe de nos découvertes riches en couleurs, en formes et en mouvements.

Tell us what you would like and we will prepare a quotation tailored to your requirements. Explore Le Camp by video mp4, 60 MB, 1 minute Le Camp's latest news Quality water A softener now equips the water supply to the buildings in the upper row: Zwingli, Peupliers, Main Building and Office.

The water supplied by the municipal network is of excellent quality, but very "hard", it contains a high level of limescale, which accumulates in the distribution pipes, taps, fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds heaters and kitchen infrastructures.

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In the latter case, routine maintenance and frequent repairs disrupt its proper functioning and are costly. Recently, the intermunicipal connection of water networks has further worsened the situation. After a thorough study fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds many contacts, the Camp chose an innovative system for the removal of limestone: This system has been preferred to the other two classics in this field: The installation of this water softener puts the Camp at the forefront of technology in this metter and will provide considerable comfort, both for our guests and especially for water drinkers, as well as for our cooks and our employees in charge of maintenance.

New skin After its profound transformation, the main building receives a new livery.

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During the transformations and renovations of the main building, the 3 "hard" facades on the lower level received only a cement plaster for consolidation purposes. After a "break" of nearly 2 years, the final objective is achieved, with a coat of waterproof coating and two coats of "off-white" paint with the most beautiful effect.

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This work was entirely carried out by the team of volunteers, who do not shy away from any task, with our friends Reynald Jaquet and Daniel Schleppy in the lead. Over 2 days, no less than 25 Friends of the Camp were involved in the project or rather in the painting. This generous and friendly commitment also made it possible fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds paint the wooded areas of the gallery fences and stair railings.

The handrails on the stairs have also been reviewed and reinforced. Without the help of the volunteers, many maintenance jobs would fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds be possible at the Camp. The Foundation Board is infinitely grateful to these Friends of the Camp, most of whom are faithful for a long time. Each year, 2 days of work with volunteers are planned, the next one will take place on Saturday, September 21,notice to amateurs: Only good humour and empathy for the Camp are necessary.

But be careful, this last quality is acquired very quickly and like a virus, it is not possible to get rid of it.

Latest Updates

A big thank you to the entire team of volunteers and Friends of the Camp. Thierry Loubet, the new Chef de cuisine At the end of March, Thierry Loubet took over as head of the Camp's kitchen from Stéphane Martignoni, who decided to take on a new challenge.

Thierry Loubet's mission is to manage the Camp's kitchen, and he has all the needed skills to do so. With a solid experience in various fields of catering, from ski camps to gourmet meals and banquets for several hundred people, our new Chef de cuisine did not take long to feel at ease at the Camp, both in front of the stoves and within the team.

With his very slight singing accent, Thierry Loubet can not deny his origins in the south of France. However as he is established in the region of the Three lakes Switzerland for many years he perfectly masters the gastronomic culture and specialities of our region.

For the rencontre ultime entre deux orignaux, Thierry Loubet is supported on an ad hoc basis by the auxiliaries and temporary fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds, but the procedure for hiring a kitchen assistant is in progress.

During high season, the kitchen team will be further strengthened, as needed. The Camp sincerely thanks Stéphane Martignoni for the excellent meals he cooked during his stay with us and wishes fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds good luck in his new position. The Camp, with its Foundation Board, its Management and all its team of collaborators, fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds a warm welcome to Thierry Loubet, assures him of its support and offers him its best wishes for success in his ô so important and appreciated responsibility as Chef de cuisine.

You are well arrived in Le Camp It has been a long time since the Camp had a sign marking its location. A panel with the inscription Le Camp on the east facade of the Zwingli building had suffered the ravages of time and had become almost invisible through the foliage of the fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds that hid it.

Or else, it was necessary to come to the Camp during the winter, but the show was pitiful, fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds the point that it was decided to remove this sign.

But this has created a new problem: Various proposals were considered, from a portico over the fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds at the entrance to the Camp to a totem pole on the right side of the road when arriving by car, to a variety of signs and flags. The lack of furniture storage space in the renovated main building prompted the purchase of 2 maritime containers installed in the parking lot just in front of the pyre.

Moreover, when getting out of the car, the visitor cannot fail to see the east side of a container first, but the Camp offers better views. However, this location was the one that proved to be both fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds most functional and the least disturbing.

Fondation Rencontre La Chaux-de-Fonds

Sothe sign issue suddenly came back on the agenda to kill two birds with one stone. The presentation of the new logo and design of the Camp in starstruck rencontre avec une star disney channel form of a tarpaulin stretched over the visible side of a container very quickly brought everyone recherche femme a paris an agreement.

The Camp hopes that you will enjoy this enhancement of the site that is dear to us. Audio induction loop A hearing loop sometimes called an audio induction loop is a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. At Le Camp, our seminar and banquet halls "René Guisan" and "Charles Béguin", located upstairs of our "Old Main" Bâtiment Principalare equipped with fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds kind of Audio induction loops for deaf or hearing impaired persons.

As soon as the halls very own audio material is used, the induction loops are automatically activated.

Contacter - Fondation Rencontre La Chaux-de-Fonds

This equippement was certified and validated last february by the Forum Ecoutewhich is fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds association for deaf and hearing impaired persons in french speaking part of Switzerland.

The hearing loop consists of the device that sends the signal our "in house" audio system ; an amplifier which processes the signal which is then sent through the fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds piece; the loop cable, a copper wire placed in the floor plate around the perimeter of the halls to act as rencontre gpr 2019 antenna that radiates the magnetic signal to the hearing aid.

The position which guarantees the best receiving and hearing is the centre of this loop.

La Chaux-de-Fonds

After the installation of different devices and aids for handicapped people, Le Camp is proud to be from now on equitable equipped to receive, site rencontre yougoslave and entertain deaf and hearing impaired people. Welcome Morgane It has been a long term objective of Foundation Le Camp to acquire the professional skills of a specialist in marketing and communication with the aim of raising awareness about our offers, especially on social media.

Fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds project has been delayed a couple of times, but it fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds now fully on track: Moreover, Morgane Voumard masters 4 languages and completed her professional experience with a job at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

Détails entreprise

Originated from Neuchâtel area, she loves her canton and is looking forward to valorize it as well as raise enthusiasm for its countless wonders. Always cheerful and very dynamic, no doubt that Morgane will help our guests feel at home and be taken by this breathtaking natural environment, modern infrastructures and sympathetic atmosphere. The board of the foundation, the direction, and the fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds are happy to welcome Morgane, fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds her success and a warm welcome at Foundation Le Camp.

Clean and tidy You don't see them… or very little, but they are essential to the success of your stay at Le Camp. Béatrice Rognon and Anabela Marques Fonseca take care of the interior maintenance of the camp's dozen or so buildings: The same applies to Pascal Dugon, in charge of infrastructure and external maintenance.

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Whether it is raining or windy and even under the snow, you will find him on a ladder, at the wheel of the tractor for grass cutting or with a whole set of tools in hand. If the Camp is lit at night, if the premises are heated in winter and if the water runs at the tap, it is thanks to him. Hats off to the three of them!

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Motivation, versatility, perseverance, excellence, these are the qualifiers that best characterize them, but let us not forget their smile and their sense of service to others. In this way, they put into practice a motto that the founders of the Camp in would not deny and that has been valid, since On behalf of all the Camp hosts, their colleagues and the members of the Foundation Board, we extend a heartfelt thank you to Béatrice, Anabela and Pascal.

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Previously deputy director and CFO, Mr. Vuilliomenet has been very closely involved with Le Camp for many years. He is also actively involved in the commercial side of the business, as well as in operations, administration and employee management.

The Foundation Board is pleased with this new collaboration and knows that it can rely on Mr.

The Foundation Board strongly encourages all of Le Camp's partners to place their full confidence in the new director and wishes him the best of success in all his endeavours. All the other team members are also committed to continuing their service to Le Camp for which the Foundation Board thanks them most sincerely Marcus Junior: He even stole the limelight during the fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds at the inauguration party for our renovated Main Building in September But, like us all, Marcus has reached the age where he is making way for his son or grandson?

Marcus Junior. Although evidently fresher, younger, and more dynamic than his father, Marcus Junior still retains a family likeness and cannot hide his lineage. This has enabled a smooth transition, ensuring the continuity of our image while demonstrating Le Camp's devotion to staying modern and with the times.

What is Marcus worth for fondation rencontre la chaux-de-fonds Absolutely everything! And you could be forgiven for thinking two Marcus' are better than one, but Junior, with his contemporary look, will easily assume the reins of his honourable predecessor.

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